Walks near me: Best walks near Exeter to explore the beauty of Devon

Though the summer months may be slowly creeping to a close, there is still plenty of time to get out and enjoy the final rays of sunshine. What better way to do so than by exploring some of the stunning natural surroundings the UK has to offer? With a perfect combination of coastal and country surroundings, there are plenty of incredible walks to discover near Devon’s Exeter.

Castle Drogo

Overlooking the ancient woodlands of the Teign Gorge is Castle Drogo, a 20th-century castle built by Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Though the castle is the main centre-point of this walk, the surrounding foliage and stunning views make for the perfect rambling location.

The walks itself is rated as moderate and is mostly flat.

Along with walking and hiking, the route is also frequented by runners.

How far is the Castle Drogo walk?

Walkers who follow the Castle Drogo to View of the Valley route will span a loop of around 13.8 kilometres.

How do I get to Castle Drogo?

Castle Drogo can be reached by car from Exeter city centre in around 26 minutes.

A direct bus also runs from the city to Castle Drogo which takes approximately 58 minutes.

Is there anything else nearby?

Along the way, ramblers can stop for a refreshment at the Fingle Bridge Inn.

This quintessential English pub is situated on the river bank and offers an array of ales and pub grub.

Castle Drogo itself is also home to plenty of activities, including its own stunning surrounding gardens.

Deodar Glen

Deodar Glen walk, situated in the Killerton Estate, is a National Trust walk that promises fun for the whole family.

Journeying through an array of natural surroundings, it’s a trail that is considered easy, and is also dog friendly.

Pass through Park Wood, Deodar glen and The Plains, before finishing with a close-up view of the old quarry and extinct volcano.

How far is the Deodar Glen walk?

The Deodar Glen route spans around four kilometres.

It is estimated to take an average of one hour and 30 minutes.

How do I get to Deodar Glen?

Deodar Glen can be reached from Exeter city centre by car in around 22 minutes via Stoke Hill.

There are also transport links, though travellers may need to make multiple connections via bus or train.

Is there anything else nearby?

At the end of the walk, visitors can reward themselves with a snack at the Stables Cafe and shop.

Along with an array of snacks and beverages, the shop also sells a selection of plants.

Killerton House and its surrounding gardens are also a stone’s throw from the walk, which often shows exhibitions of an extensive Georgian fashion collection.

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Killerton Danes Wood walk

Similarly nestled on the Killerton National Trust estate is the Danes Wood walk.

This enchanting trail will lead visitors through the thick greenery of the wood.

Ideal for nature-lovers, it is a haven for spotting local wildlife.

The route is considered easy and is dog-friendly making it an ideal family activity.

How far is the Danes Wood walk?

The Danes Wood walk spans approximately four kilometres.

On average it takes around one hour and 15 minutes to complete.

How do I get to Danes Wood?

The Danes Wood walk can be reached from Exeter by car in around 19 minutes via Stoke Hill.

Transit links are also available though they may take longer and include multiple connections.

Is there anything else nearby?

Danes Wood walk is also situated near to Killerton House.

The 18th-century abode is open to the public, though bookings must be made in advance.

The house features a number of objects and works of art which are often on display for the public to view.

Refreshments are also available on site.

Fisherman’s path

Fisherman’s path is a loop trail situated in Drewsteignton at the Castle Drogo National Trust Park.

The walk passes by a trickling river and is primarily used for hiking and walking.

Bird watchers also frequent the path due to its abundance of wildlife.

The walk is considered good for all skill levels.

How far is the Fisherman’s path walk?

The Fisherman’s path loop spans 5.3 kilometres.

It can be completed in around one hour and 15 minutes.

How do I get to Fisherman’s path?

Fisherman’s path, situated in the Castle Drogo park, can be reached by car from Exeter city centre.

Journeys take an average of 26 minutes.

A direct bus also runs from the city to Castle Drogo which takes around 58 minutes.

Is there anything else nearby?

Situated near to Castle Drogo, visitors can also head up to the 20th-century spectacle for a journey into history.

The castle is open to the public although spaces must be booked in advance.

Outside a stunning garden promises an array of colours year-round.

Exmouth To Sidmouth

Though this is a longer walk, the route promises breathtaking views and is steeped in history.

This stretch of the South West Coast path is classed as an easy walk but will take some time.

The journey ventures through the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site – England’s only natural Worlds Heritage Site.

Stunning views of the English Channel stretch for miles and make for an amazing photo opportunity.

How far is the Exmouth To Sidmouth walk?

The Exmouth to Sidmouth walk spans 20.1 kilometres.

It can be completed in around three hours and 26 minutes, so is not for the faint-hearted.

How do I get to Exmouth?

Exmouth can be reached by car from Exeter city centre in around 24 minutes via the A376.

There are also local bus links which can take up to 40 minutes.

Is there anything else nearby?

Along the way, there are plenty of stunning fields and patches of woodland to explore.

Once walkers reach the end they will be greeted by the Regency town of Sidmouth, which is home to a number of eateries and retailers.

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