TSA Hosts 9/11 Commemoration Ceremony

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) hosted a 9/11 commemoration event on Friday at the agency’s headquarters in Virginia.

The ceremony marked the 19th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, with the TSA being created shortly after the catastrophic events to secure the nation’s transportation systems.

TSA Administrator David Pekoske was on hand to reiterate the importance of the screening officers, Federal Air Marshals and other employees in keeping the traveling public safe, especially during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

“September 11 was a traumatic day and a tragedy that continues to be felt by all Americans, including many TSA employees who were directly affected by the attacks and subsequently joined the newly-formed agency,” Pekoske said.

“We continue to commemorate this day to comfort each other, to strengthen our resolve and to recommit ourselves to the mission entrusted to us by our fellow Americans,” Pekoske continued. “We also continue to aggressively adapt and mature as an agency in the face of new challenges. The pandemic has given us a renewed urgency in our pursuit of new solutions to enhance transportation security.”

The ceremony also showcased spotlighted several TSA employees and their personal stories, showing how 9/11 impacted their personal and professional lives. The semi-virtual event closed with participants standing together and reciting their recommitment to TSA’s mission to protect the nation’s transportation systems.

Last week, the TSA announced it would continue operating pilot programs for its new touchless “self-service” technology at airports. The initiative will use technology to match a traveler’s live photo with the photo on their ID and confirms their flight information in real-time.

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