Family win ‘quarantine lottery’ at Singapore Ritz-Carlton

If you’re going to spend an enforced 14-day stay with your toddler, it might as well be in a five-star luxury hotel.

Joy Van Dee who arrived in Singapore with her son after a 12 hour flight from Schiphol airport, knowing she would have to spend a two-week quarantine period with her young son. It was something she was dreading.

However, when her shuttle bus stopped outside the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore the small family realised their Covid 19 quarantine period would be served in a luxury hotel.
“We hit the jackpot,” Van Dee told The Wall Street Journal, saying that passengers arriving in Singapore are not told which hotel they will be staying.

From her 51-square meter suite with view over the Singapore River and Marina Bay, Van Dee said she had won the “quarantine lottery”.

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