GO NZ: Lindis Lodge dark skies and designer hotels in the Ahuriri Valley

Wrapped up in a furry blanket with snug beanie and warm gloves in place, my eyes are glued to the dazzling night skies where stars, comets and galaxies stage a spectacular light show.

It’s definitely a star-studded event not to be missed, in some of the most unpolluted night skies in the world, near the historic Lindis Pass in the South Island’s remote Ahuriri Valley.

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Even getting there is an adventure as you traverse some of the country’s most dramatic scenery surrounded by stark tussock-covered peaks and deep gorges. A short-lived gold rush to the Lindis River opened up the area in the 1860s.

My heart beats a little faster as I spy these astral wonders that puncture the inky black carpet overhead and I spot shooting stars darting around.

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