Google Maps Street View: Shocking moment two builders caught doing this to friend

Google Maps Street View captures all sorts of people going about their lives. Often people are up to nothing of much consequence. Sometimes, though, some truly alarming scenes are snapped by the Google car.

One such spectacle was photographed down a residential street.

Building work is clearly going on in one house.

Three trade vehicles are pulled up alongside the pavement.

In between a red trailer and a white van, three men can be seen.

However, something very worrying appears to have taken place.

While two of the men – believed to be builders – are upright, a third is one the ground.

He is lying by the pavement spread-eagled.

One of the builders is standing over him.

In fact, he is wilding a large and sharp gardening tool.

It looks as though the workman may have caused some horrific accident.

Could he have killed his colleague?

Was the third builder involved in the crime at all?

However, on closer inspection, it would appear not all is as it seems.

It becomes clear that the scene has been set up by the three pranksters.

It’s most probable the man on the floor is perfectly fine and the trio chose to stage the dramatic scene.

There is no sign of injury on the man in the blue shirt in the slightest.

The stance of the apparent ‘murderer’ is also rather posed and melodramatic.

Wha’s more, the third man is looking at the Google car as it approaches and seems to be leaning far too casually on his tool to really be a witness to a murder.

Clearly, the trio saw the Google car approaching and decided to have some fun with the situation.

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