Holidays: ‘Fear of travel’ branded biggest variable when deciding where to go on holiday

Earlier this month, the government released a list of countries that people from England can travel to without facing quarantine rules on their return. Like England, countries around the world have begun to relax their lockdown measures and are slowly opening their doors to tourism. As summer travel becomes a reality, rather than a distant dream, bookings have begun to pick back up again across a number of sites.


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However, one booking platform called CuddlyNest has revealed that there is now a “fear of travel” which is putting people off travelling.

CuddlyNest is a fourth-year start-up based in Orlando, Florida.

The site is a booking platform for all accommodation types for all travellers anywhere in the world.

It is currently offering over a million accommodations worldwide.

The company’s mission is to offer all travellers all accommodations at an unbeatable price.

“We just really want to make it simple for travellers to book all types of accommodation on all budgets around the world,” CuddlyNest Partner and COO, Ritesh Raj told

“And we’re trying to keep the price as low as possible,” he added.

Mr Raj spoke exclusively about the recent travel trends CuddlyNest has experienced since coronavirus lockdown measures have eased across the globe.

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“What we have seen is that it very much depends on the country and their spending capacity whether people are going to travel,” explained Mr Raj.

He continued: “The biggest variable right now that we have seen is a fear of travel.

“The fear of travel is the biggest variable in deciding where to go, irrespective of what country.”

The COO of CuddlyNest then explained that bookings have improved but that it’s not the same as pre-COVID levels.

“Bookings have really surged over the last couple of weeks,” he explained.

“But, honestly, it’s not really close to what it was.

“Fear of travel is a variable that people respond to depending on where they’re from.”

Raj suggested that even visa requirements, or lack thereof, are not what is driving people’s decision to travel; it is simply fear.

He added that future bookings all depend on how people respond to their fear.

“It all depends how the fear eases out,” he said.

“The more it eases out, the faster recovery starts.

“We’ve seen an increase in bookings but most of them are for fall [autumn].”

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