Holidays: Huge mistake you should never make if going on a UK summer staycation

Holidays always require careful planning if you want the trip to go smoothly. However, it’s easy to think that a staycation will be easier to organise. While this may be true in some ways, holidaymakers are being warned to not be slack when it comes to travel insurance this summer.


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Research by UK price comparison website MoneySuperMarket has shown that 56 percent of people would never take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy for a UK staycation.

However, not getting holiday insurance for a UK break is inadvisable.

Protection is still needed, even if you’re not leaving the country.

British travellers without the right cover could be at risk of losing money in the event of delayed or cancelled transport or accommodation, so it’s key to follow the latest travel advice.

There is also the possibility of baggage loss, loss of cash, or any damage to personal possessions out of the home.

Consequently, MoneySuperMarket is encouraging all holidaymakers to ensure they have the right protection in place.

The price comparison site has issued top tips for Britons making holiday plans.

Firstly, MoneySuperMarket recommends you consider your options.

The cost of travel insurance doesn’t need to cost the earth.

If you are planning a short getaway or long weekend in the UK, consider opting for single trip insurance over multi-trip or annual policies.

Single trip cover starts from £6.502 and will allow you to select a policy with adequate coverage for your holiday this summer.

Secondly, be sure to know your policy – they vary by provider and type, so it’s vital you are familiar with and understand what your policy covers.


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Some annual policies may not cover travel during the coronavirus pandemic so it’s important to speak with your provider before booking your trip.

Lastly, Britons should follow Government guidance regarding travel.

It’s key to continue following Government guidance on social distancing and travel advice both in the UK and internationally as restrictions ease.

Government guidance at the point of travel may be subject to change and this can impact the amount of cover your policy offers.

It’s also important to take out a comprehensive policy at the time of booking to ensure you are covered against any cancellations or unexpected changes.

Helen Chambers, head of travel insurance at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Brits are once again looking forward to their holidays now that hotels in the UK have been given the green light to re-open from July 4.

“Many will choose UK staycations closer to home over international holidays. When planning a getaway in the UK, it’s easy to overlook the need for travel insurance – over half of those we’ve spoken to don’t get insurance.

“Not having appropriate cover can leave you exposed to the risk of losing money in the event of lost baggage, delays or cancellations to your trip, or damage to any valuables such as camping equipment.

“As the UK continues to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to have adequate policy coverage for any trip to make sure you are protected should Government guidance change. Some policies may not cover changes to circumstances, so you should always check with your provider at the time of booking. This will give you the freedom to plan ahead and enjoy your trip without worry.”

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