Sustainable ways to see NZ, from cycling to canoeing to electric campervans

You can see some of the best of New Zealand without leaving carbon footprints, writes Bridget Jones

It is hard to deny the attraction of a good, old-fashioned Kiwi road trip, but all that driving can leave a bigger carbon footprint than we might like. Thankfully, being green doesn’t mean staying at home. It is absolutely possible to get out into our beautiful country, without sitting behind a wheel (or at least a fossil-fuelled one).

Here are some ways to explore New Zealand while being environmentally friendly:

Horse trekking in rural Hawke’s Bay

Based on a farm in Iwitea in the Wairoa District, the Out on a Lim team are expert guides and can take visitors eeling, fishing, on a walking cultural tour, or get them on horseback to explore the sights and hear the stories of this part of the country. The horse treks travel through Iwitea village and then through a private farm to the site of the Korotere Flax Mill, on to Wairau Lake and its famed eels and birdlife, Iwitea Beach, the prophetic 12 tōtara logs and an old church site, and wetlands. The farm promises the quiet horses are perfect even for beginner riders. A two-hour trek is $90pp.

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