UK staycations mapped: Where are the quietest places to go camping this summer?

If you’d rather avoid the crowds and steer clear of busy accommodations, camping is the perfect solution. About 45 percent of Brits intend to go camping this year, and there’s no shortage of campsites to pick from. From England to Scotland, there are plenty of peaceful spots to set up camp in the UK.

Decathlon’s survey of more than 1,000 UK adults revealed nearly half of us intend to go camping this summer.

While it’s great Brits have a new-found appreciation for the great outdoors, it seems that the UK’s campsites are set to be absolutely packed this summer.

A busy campsite isn’t ideal for social distancing, but neither is hopping on a flight abroad.

Where are the busiest places to go camping this summer?

If you’re looking for a peaceful trip in the outdoors, Cornwall and Devon aren’t for you.

This summer, about a quarter of campers are planning on setting up their tents in the South West.

The South West is home to the stunning beaches in Cornwall and Devon, making this a popular destination for those who normally ho abroad at summer.

A huge 23 percent of campers are predicted to visit Wales for their camping trip, and 20 percent are heading to Scotland.

The research also found that campsites near beaches, the countryside, and lakes are the most popular this year.

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When is the busiest time for camping?

For those wanting avoid bumping into other campers, you need time your trip carefully.

According to Decathlon, the busiest week for camping falls this month.

If you want a quiet weekend, steer clear of the third weekend in August.

A quarter of summer holiday campers are predicted to go camping this weekend.

Where are the quietest places to go camping this summer?

  1. Northern Ireland
  2. The West Midlands
  3. The East Midlands
  4. The North East
  5. The South East
  6. East of England
  7. The North West
  8. Scotland
  9. Wales
  10. The South West

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The least busy campsites are in Northern Ireland, with only 5 percent of campers questioned planning on heading there this summer.

Why not hop on a ferry at Birkenhead, Cheshire, and bring the whole family!

You don’t need to get on a flight to visit the glorious campsites of Northern Ireland.

You could even go glamping at The Boat House at Lets Go Hydro in County Down.

Only 7 percent of those asked were planning on camping in the West Midlands.

Why wouldn’t you want to camp out in a countryside lined with rivers and canals?

You could try glamping at Herefordshire Clamping, or a good old fashioned tent and pegs at a number of other sites.

Since there is no coastline nearby, you won’t find many Brits camping near you.

Chris Allen, Mountain Sports Market Leader at Decathlon UK was shocked at this realisation, due to the beautiful scenery in Northern Ireland and the East Midlands.

He said: “It’s really surprising to see destinations like Northern Ireland and the East Midlands at the top of the list of where campers are less likely to head this year.

“Northern Ireland is home to some incredible scenery and what many believe to be one of the wonders of the world, while the Peak District National Park, some of which falls within the East Midlands, is one of the first places I would consider camping in the UK.”

Nick Giles, Managing Director Ordnance Survey Consumer added: “We live in a country packed with incredible places to explore, from hiking trails, cycling paths and mountain biking routes which we can use to get away from it all.

“Our advice would be to look at the areas surrounding where you’re staying, plan ahead, and you can find some amazing places and routes which you can follow to get away from it all.”

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